Resound Energy’s turnkey lighting solutions include full project management from project conception throughout the ongoing life of the warranty.  As a unique blend of distributor and contractor, our breadth of knowledge and quality of service is unparalleled.

We work with local businesses and multi-site portfolios to develop efficient and profitable lighting solutions that create immediate financial and operational value.  In order to deliver this value to our customers, we are constantly evaluating promising lighting technology to identify those which will generate high-investment returns with limited risk to our clients. 

On average, lighting in commercial buildings in the United States accounts for 35 percent of the total electricity cost. In addition, building operators spend far more to maintain and update inefficient lighting packages with short operational lives.   Lighting retrofit projects are one of the best financial investments available to commercial facility managers. In less than 1 year, LED technologies, coupled with intelligent controls, can reduce the cost of lighting commercial buildings by up to 90 percent while generating paybacks inside of one year.