How to Retrofit Parking Lot Lights to LED

Switching a traditional 400-watt parking lot fixture to a LED integrated fixture saves over 70% in energy costs on average. It is surprising then that parking lot retrofits are often overlooked during lighting upgrades. At Resound Energy, we recommend considering your parking lot lights first when considering LED lights for a few simple reasons, the main reason being that because of the high savings in energy cost, a quick payback of your lighting investment is guaranteed. A few other important advantages of LED lights include less maintenance cost with longer lifespans of fixtures, 10-year warranties on average wrapped around a manufacturer’s warranty, the ability to take advantage of local utility rebate programs for energy efficient lighting upgrades and being able to create a better lit environment in formerly dark parking lots, a bonus especially in the Pacific Northwest where daylight can be minimal.

While switching to LED lights in a parking lot has many advantages, there are many aspects to consider before beginning the process. The first decision to be made should be the choice between a LED lamp or module retrofit on the existing fixtures or a new LED integrated fixture. Resound Energy recommends a full fixture replacement for parking lot lights. While retrofitting existing fixtures can keep cost down on projects, the old fixtures are not designed to hold the thermal dynamics of an LED system and this can greatly shorten the lifespan of an LED. Lamp or module retrofits also require opening existing fixtures and changing the wiring for the LED to access line voltage power. Many times, when opening old fixtures, structural failures can happen, water can gain access easier, and again, this shortens the lifespan of the new LEDs.

The next decision to be made when choosing to install new LED fixtures is what fixture to go with. There are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing a LED integrated fixture. This will depend on the existing voltage, wattage, and height of fixtures, as well as the desired light levels, distribution, and warranty of the fixture. The fixture decided upon should reduce the maximum amount of energy used while keeping light levels high. This fixture choice should also be from an established manufacturer that follows a standard warranty process and reduces maintenance required for the longest period. Resound Energy is an expert in the lighting field with the necessary knowledge of lighting brands to help make this educated decision for a lighting investment.

The actual installation of new LED lights in a parking lot can have its complications. Most parking lot lights are poles that require lifts to access the lights, licensed electricians to complete the work, permits to approve the installation through local city lighting code, and a lot of coordination to work around busy areas with obstacles of people and cars. Resound Energy is an electrical contractor that has an in-house team of licensed electricians that are extremely experienced with parking lot retrofits. Not only do we operationally handle any permitting, lifts, and on-site coordination needed for installations, we handle the entire rebate process with local utilities to lower costs for our customers.

LED lights are a smart investment for parking lots for many reasons. Not only do LED lights drastically decrease energy consumption because of improved efficiency, they lower maintenance costs and make parking lots safer with increased light levels. LED installations in parking lots can be tricky though. Resound Energy is a licensed electrical contractor that has the experience and knowledge necessary to implement and help protect your investment in LED lighting.