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AccuDuct Warehouse

Solution Design

We start every engagement with a free facility walk through to generate a detailed cost benefit analysis and proposal which includes product spec sheets.

Utility Rebate Management

Our customers only pay net project cost after rebate. Utility rebate application services are provided by Resound staff to ensure correct rebate funding.


As a licensed general contractor, Resound provides product demo’s to illustrate light quality and output in addition to our comprehensive installation services.

Warranty Management

You will never have to change a light again for the term of the warranty. Product warrantees ranging from 3 to 7 years are managed by Resound staff.

AccuDuct embraces LED Advantages

Energy EfficiencyAccuDuct Manufacturing, an industry leader in HVAC product manufacturing and labor services since 1987, took the opportunity to retrofit its warehouse and exterior lights to LED’s in late 2015. Running multiple shifts out of their Algona, WA facility, the opportunity to conserve energy and improve lighting throughout their facility could not be passed.

Resound Energy was able to provide a comprehensive and creative solution that would not ordinarily include Puget Sound Energy’s enhanced rebate incentive program qualify for the enhanced rebate incentives saving the customer thousands of dollars compared to other LED retrofit outfits. The lighting throughout the warehouse improved dramatically by improving light levels and light color of their high bay high pressure sodium fixtures.

Resound’s expertise, creativity and commitment to providing the best possible value proved invaluable in creating an excellent experience for the folks at AccuDuct Manufacturing.

AccuDuct Project Highlights

  • All exterior area floods and wall packs replaced with high quality LED fixtures.
  • Over 60 high bay warehouse fixtures retrofit to LED.
  • Occupancy sensors on all office space common area fixtures installed to qualify for PSE enhanced rebate incentive program.


  • $15,200 in annual electricity and maintenance savings with a return on investment of 2.3 years!
  • 50% of total project cost covered by Puget Sound Energy rebate.
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