Utility Rebate

Why Resound?


We are the experts in our field—the optimum blend of consultant and contractor.



Our well-trained professional staff members have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to the see the big picture: how LED technologies can benefit your business both financially and in building performance.


Increased Return on Investment:

Our LED solutions, which use an average of 70-80% less energy than the technologies they replace, pay for themselves quickly. Average ROI on our installations is 1.8 years.



We choose products which are best-in-class in both quality and in warranty, typically 7-10 years of complete coverage. We manage the manufacturers’ warranties for you and we back up their warranties with our labor, to service any failures at no additional cost to the client. You won’t change a bulb—or pay to have one changed–for 7-10 years.


Utility Rebates:

We are knowledgeable and diligent when it comes to obtaining the highest possible utility rebate for our clients. Rebates pay for on average, 52 percent of our installation costs, making our solutions even more affordable and cost-effective. What’s more, we provide the expertise and manpower to lead you through the entire rebate process with the utility—all you’ll have to do is review the grant offer at the completion of the process!

At Resound, we are trusted advisors to our clients. Clients know us for being a visionary company, staffed with forward-thinking, friendly professionals; not just technicians but truly trusted advisors. Unaffiliated with any brand or supplier, we use the best products, best design, and best technology for your business. Our ability to provide an increased return on investment as well as convenience and peace of mind have made us the industry leader.