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“Our condominium faced a three-year struggle to find an EV charging solution before turning to Resound Energy Services. They genuinely listened to our needs and presented options that could realistically be implemented. Despite a lengthy approval process, the Resound Energy team actively participated in Board meetings and joined informative Q&A events for our owners. Additionally, they educated our Board on the economic advantages of an LED retrofit. The transition to energy-efficient LED lighting was seamless and impactful. Resound Energy Services has truly transformed our condominium into an energy-efficient, forward-thinking community. Their commitment to sustainability, flawless installations, and customer-centric approach deserves applause.”

Eric Dremel
President, Harborside Condominiums Owners Association

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harborside ev charging

LED Project Highlights:

  • 513 fixtures: Garage strips, stairwell strips, recessed cans, wrap fixtures, & sensors

Measurable Results

  • Customer received $47,673 from the utility for lighting rebate
  • Reduced annual lighting by 126,719 kWh
  • Reduced annual lighting costs by $15,206
  • Eliminated $23,943 worth of yearly maintenance
  • Project Payback: 2.5 years
  • PSE accounted for a 25% reduction in electricity costs in the parking garage & a 64% reduction in stairwells by adding sensors

EV Project Highlights:

  • 15 EV Charging Stations installed with power capacity to charge 90 cars at once
  • 900 amps of power added
  • 4 sub-panels distributed throughout the garage
  • Simultaneously allows all homeowners to charge their cars while maintaining functionality

Measurable Results

CO2 Saved: Equivalent to 4,000 trees

Our Steps For Project Success

Solution Design

We start every engagement with a free facility walk-through to generate a detailed cost-benefit analysis and proposal which includes product spec sheets.


As a licensed general contractor, Resound Energy Services™ provides product demo’s to illustrate light quality and output in addition to our comprehensive installation services.

Utility Rebate Management

Our customers only pay net project cost after rebate. Utility rebate application services are provided by Resound Energy Services™ staff to ensure correct rebate funding.

Warranty Management

You will never have to change a light again for the term of the warranty. Product warranties ranging from 3 to 7 years are managed by Resound Energy Services™ staff.

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