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Lighting Controls

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Take Your Lighting Savings to the Next Level

Turning off or dimming lights when they’re not in use can add significant savings to LED Lighting. Occupancy sensors and daylight sensors can adjust light levels down when there is no activity or when natural daylight provides enough light.  LEDs can also gradually dim so that the light change is indetectable.  With lights off or dimmed energy consumption is reduced.

Our Process

Resound Energy Services™ will perform an onsite inspection to quantify the number of lights that can be controlled and then generate forecasted economics by estimating controlled events. Stand-alone data loggers can also be deployed to better measure the amount of no activity time in a space or measure when light levels from natural light are sufficient. A bid with expected energy savings is then provided to the customer to make the investment decision.

Lighting controls in the palm of your hand

Project Implementation

Our seasoned crews led by project managers will implement the chosen scope. Utility rebates will be added into the economics wherever possible, increasing the value of the investment.  Manufacturers’ warranties protect the investment and Resound Energy Services™ honors a 1-year labor warranty on top of the manufacturer’s.

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