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April 11, 2024 in Blog, LED

Lighting Controls: Save Money with LED Lighting Upgrades

Resound Energy Services' civil work is at the forefront of equipping your property for the sustainable future of EV charging.
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March 15, 2024 in Blog, Civil Work

Civil Work and Infrastructure: Creating A Sustainable Future

Resound Energy Services' civil work is at the forefront of equipping your property for the sustainable future of EV charging.
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March 8, 2024 in Blog, EV

Fleet Electrification: The Future of Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Electrification is an all-encompassing solution to rising costs and regulations.
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January 9, 2024 in Blog, LED

Rebate Incentives for LED Lighting Retrofitting

LED retrofitting is no small expense, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. We're here to help breakdown the savings.
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December 5, 2023 in Blog, LED

Ready to retrofit your factory with LEDs?

Why wait? With energy prices increasing and affordable LED options coming to market, there's never been a better time to retrofit your facilities.
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November 7, 2023 in Blog, EV

EV Charging Solutions for Condos

Dynamic demand control (DDC) is a powerful technology that can help condominiums manage their electric charging infrastructure more effectively.
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October 10, 2023 in Blog, EV

Power and Load Sharing – Multifamily EV Charging

Power and load sharing is vital to multifamily electric vehicle charging.
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May 24, 2023 in Blog, EV

Accelerating the Electric Vehicle Revolution: Unlocking Opportunities with NEVI and CFI Grants

The widespread adoption of EVs requires robust charging infrastructure, which is expensive and widely misunderstood. As a leading electrical contractor specializing in EV charging stations, Resound Energy Services™ is not…
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April 27, 2023 in Blog, LED

4 Reasons To Complete LED Retrofit Projects in 2023

Excerpt: Lighting represents 30% or more of electricity consumption in warehouses & 12% in commercial buildings. Reduce these costs with an LED lighting retrofit and open the door to tax…
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August 23, 2022 in Blog, EV

Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credit: Inflation Reduction Act

New federal tax incentives for Level 2 and Level 3 (DC fast) EV charging stations.
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June 15, 2022 in Blog, LED

LED Retrofit: Your Solution to Sustainability & Cost-Saving

When you dive into the numbers, a LED Lighting Retrofit Project is a great opportunity for achieving short-term payback along with long-term cost savings.
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March 30, 2022 in Blog, EV

Demand Control EV Charging for Condominiums

Is there a way to make EV charging convenient for condo residents? Dynamic Demand Control Charging is the solution. No Power Constraints, Bill Owners Directly, Equitable Access to Charging.
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