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EV Charging Station Installation

Turnkey installation today. Turn on Value tomorrow.

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EV Dual Charger
Electric Vehicle Sales

EV sales have double every year for the past 5 years.

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 chargers can provide up to 35 miles per hour of charge.

Vehicle compatibility

The universal J1772 is compatible with all EVs. Teslas come with the appropriate adapter.

Tenant Acquisition and Retention

EV drivers prefer to charge where they work or sleep.

EV Charging
Convenient charging solutions, one stall at a time.

With the auto industry rapidly converting to all-electric, it can sometimes be difficult to evaluate what the best solution is for electrifying your stalls. Resound Energy Services™ unique and tenured experience in EV charging station implementations can help simplify the process and create peace of mind that your charging investment will meet your needs, now and in the future.

Why Choose Resound Energy Services™

EV Charging Stations

We design solutions that meet each individual customer’s unique needs.  EV technologies are evolving constantly and Resound Energy Services™ is well-equipped to help customers find the correct charging technology for their properties. Our job is to provide detailed options with financials and incentives so you can decide on the best solution.

  • Level 2 EV Chargers
  • Level 3 DC fast chargers (owner-operator)
  • EV Fleet charging 
  • Design and Installation

Resound Energy did an excellent job of following through with every detail including the quotes, working with Seattle City Light, the installation and closing at the end of the project. This contractor does what they say they will do. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

– Dan WingleEngineering Manager

EV Charging by the Numbers

Add value to your property, create a new revenue stream and trust Resound Energy Services™ to implement the project with unmatched installation services.


Annual Revenue Delivered


Ports Installed

Resound Energy Services™ has you covered

We focus on solutions for the commercial and industrial markets.  With over a decade of experience in these markets, our ability to help generate successful projects is unmatched. As a specialized contractor, EV station installation is our core competency.

Multifamily Apartments & Commercial Offices

Provide convenience to locations where EV drivers sleep and work to help retain and attract tenants.


Utilize individual homeowner’s capacity with Dynamic Demand Control. Eliminate capacity constraints and usage billed directly to homeowner.

Retail & Public Works | Level 3

Partner with Resound Energy Services™ for DC fast chargers. No cost to ownership and added value to retail tenants.

Residential EV Charging Installation

Simplifying home EV Charging with Expert Solutions. Start your journey towards convenient and sustainable home EV charging today.

The Benefits of EV Charging

New Revenue Stream

The estimated payback on this investment averages 3 years.  For level 2 chargers with a 50% utilization of EV charging ports, a parking stall can generate on average $1,500 – $2,000 a year.  Take advantage of tax incentives and rebates in the market now that improve the financials.

Upcharge for electrical consumption or add monthly recurring revenue by charging for an electrified stall.

Add value to your property with EV charging amenities.
A man charging an electric vehicle at a Chargepoint EV charging station

Tenant Retention

The next few years are going to see an explosion in the electric vehicle market. Residents with an electric car need a charging asset where they live and will change living locations based on EV charging port availability.  Companies looking to promote sustainable workplaces will also want office space where they can offer charging access.

Meet the Demand

New EV sales are doubling every year. Attract and retain tenants with EV charging.

LEED Points

In the LEED v4 guidelines for new construction, one point can be earned if a building includes EV Charging Stations in 2% of the parking spaces. However, typically EV Charging Stations are not installed just to earn LEED points, but as a complement to the overall LEED initiatives at the property. EV Charging Stations have become one of the newest and most visible green amenities for commercial real estate.

A More Sustainable Footprint

More than 4,000,000 employees at more than 100,000 worksites across the country are being given access to workplace charging for their EVs, don’t get left behind!
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