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Lighting Maintenance

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Prompt Response, Competitive Rates, Exquisite Customer Service.

Resound Energy Services™ understands that building managers do not want to spend time chasing lights as they reach the end of life. Resound Energy Services™ lighting maintenance program takes the hassle out of lighting maintenance. We help save you time and money by using our lighting expertise to evaluate your facility, make the needed repairs, and follow this up with transparent billing. Our lighting teams pride ourselves on customer service and can help you with any issue that may arise in your facility.

Average Light Loss

 Per year of traditional lighting.

How it Works

We know that every business has different lighting needs. Whether that be a single service visit, an entire audit of a property to identify issues, or a multi-property maintenance contract, Resound Energy Services™ can work with you to provide you with the services your business needs the most. Give us a call today to discuss your specific lighting needs with a specialist and experience the Resound Energy Services™ difference.

Why Work With Resound

Prompt Response

Resound Energy Services™ dedicated lighting team is here to attend to your service requests, no matter the size or urgency. Our experienced staff knows what questions to ask upfront to minimize the amount of billable time spent on site and to get your operations back up and running quicker. Lighting is essential to the safety and security of your business. We understand the urgency of a quick repair and we’ll do our best never to leave you in the dark!

Someone installing an LED retrofit into the ceiling
The outside of a brightly lit and modern residential building

Competitive Rates

Our transparent billing process is one of the most competitive in the market. Our expertise in lighting cuts down on billed time to our customers and reduces overall maintenance costs. We believe in being proactive in our approach to lighting maintenance with our custom lighting maintenance programs catered to your specific budget and needs.

Exquisite Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the quality services and communication we offer our clients. At Resound Energy Services™, we firmly believe our customers have much more important things to worry about than their lighting. Let us take the stress out of the equation and handle your facilities’ lighting maintenance needs going forward.

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A man installing an LED light strip in a commercial building

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