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Warehouse & Industrial LED Retrofits

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Save Money, Upgrade Your Facility, Reduce Maintenance.

Making the decision to upgrade your lighting to energy-efficient LEDs is the key to taking your facility to the next level. Our complete LED lighting and control solutions provide upgrades that drastically cut down energy and maintenance costs while improving the aesthetics and safety of your facility for your tenants, employees, and customers, all while improving your bottom line. Resound Energy Services™’s proven expertise in the field will help find you the best solutions and utility incentives to minimize your upfront capital expenses and provide you with a lasting improvement for the future of your facility.

Rebate Savings

Average rebate contribution for an LED retrofit in 24/7 warehouse facility.

Lighting as a Service

 Lighting as a Service is a unique way to obtain the operational, safety, and aesthetic benefits of an LED retrofit with no capital expenditure. Resound Energy Services™ can provide financing for lighting upgrades to spread the cost over 5 years while the electricity and maintenance savings outweigh the monthly service payment.  Immediate positive cash flow, no out-of-pocket expense, improved lighting.  We also wrap our service warranty around the service for the life of the term. Ask one of our associates today about Lighting as a Service!

More Benefits of LED Retrofits

Save Money

Lighting is one of the highest consumers of electricity in industrial facilities. Resound Energy Services™ installs the latest in LED lighting technology, helping facilities reduce this consumption by 50-75% and lowering out-of-pocket energy and maintenance costs. With an average ROI of 1.5 years and utility rebates covering up to 70% of total project costs, LED lighting projects completed with Resound Energy Services™ are the smartest business strategy for your business.

A shipping warehouse being lit with LED lighting
A warehouse being lit with LED lights

Upgrade Your Facility

The industrial sector provides us with impactful products in fast-paced working environments; your lighting shouldn’t be slowing this process down. LED lighting will increase light levels and visibility in and around your facility providing a safer and more cohesive workplace. Resound Energy Services™ also installs and commissions the latest in LED control technology that optimizes energy savings and creates a seamless experience for your tenants and employees.

Reduce Maintenance

At Resound Energy Services™, we firmly believe our customers have much more important things to spend their time and money on than continually replacing out-of-date lighting. With an average life span of 10+ years, LED technology is built to grow with your business and largely eliminate maintenance costs from your budget. Resound Energy Services™ also proudly backs its manufacturers’ warranties on all products installed to take the headache out of dealing with lighting issues that may arise.

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A warehouse being sustainably lit with LED lights

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