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EV Charging at Condominiums 

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No Power Constraints, Bill Owners Directly, Equitable Access to Charging.

The EV charging market is evolving quickly and growing even faster. Technologies for condominiums have come a long way in a very short time. Dynamic Demand Control, DDC, enables homeowners to utilize their own units’ electrical capacity to electrify their deeded parking stall.  Usage will be billed directly to their electric utility bill allowing all owners to make individual decisions on charging station investments.  This technology avoids power supply limitations and equitable constraints that have long been the main sticking point for HOA’s considering EV chargers.

Animation of Dynamic Demand EV Management system in action

How It Works

A Dynamic Demand EV Management system is installed near the meter banks of the individual units, typically in the electrical room. The unit, in real-time, measures available capacity in a homeowners panel and sends the available power through the unit to its charging station. It is also tied into the unit’s meter so the consumption is billed directly to their electric bill.

More Benefits of EV Charging

Eliminate electrical power constraints

As much as 95% of electrical capacity from the utility to a condo building is distributed amongst the individual units. This leaves very little common area power available for HOA’s to electrify stalls in the parking garage. Dynamic Demand Control solves this problem! By pulling available power from individual homeowners’ units, condos can often electrify every stall in the garage without any power constraint issues!

Utilize power that is distributed to individual units

Avoid engaging the utility for increased transformer capacity
An electric car being charged at a residential EV charging station
A man using a home EV charging station to charge his electric vehicle in his garage

Bill homeowners directly

Billing is also seamless with Dynamic Demand Control. Rather than using common HOA power, the consumption of power from electric charging is billed directly to the already existing utility account of the individual homeowner. This eliminates the common HOA struggle of figuring out how to properly bill for consumption by EV drivers that live in the community.

Usage billed directly to owners’ electric utility bill

Avoid involving the HOA for electrical consumption/billing

Equitable access to charging

With a bit of infrastructure, HOAs can offer completely equitable access by electrifying every stall in the garage. Resound Energy Services™ can help design a raceway plan to bring conduit to the common drives of a parking garage, allowing each homeowner to simply contract for the nearest raceway to their stall. Install a DCC unit and EV charger and you’re all set! No need to worry about the higher cost of entry for homeowners’ parking stalls proximity to the electrical room.

Consolidate electrical raceways for a cleaner install. Avoid having conduit run every which way through the parking garage as homeowners adopt EVs over time.

Create an equitable opportunity for homeowners to electrify their stall, regardless of proximity to electric rooms and meter banks.

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