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When you dive into the numbers, a LED Lighting Retrofit Project is a great opportunity for achieving short-term payback along with long-term cost savings. We selected a random sample of 12 major projects this year across 6 States representing both medium and large facilities (100,000 to 750,000 sq. ft.). The results were not surprising. We found the average payback for these projects was 1.7 years, while the average annual energy & maintenance savings were $36,000. The cost of waiting on these projects came in at an average of $2,750 per month. To break it down further, we found the range of savings for moving forward with these projects falls between $0.50 to $1.10 per square foot. Many of our customers select a financing option where the cost of financing is less than the monthly savings, creating immediate positive cash flow.

The sample above shows how you can effectively bundle locations within an MSO to drive maximum ROI and savings while meeting your CapEx and sustainability goals.

Cost savings are a major decision criterion for selecting projects, but we also know other factors are critically important to our customers. When asked for other reasons why they moved forward with LED Lighting projects the resounding answer was employee productivity along with employee & customer safety. Giving employees a bright workspace that is as close to daylight feel as possible can reduce the incidence of accidents while improving employee morale. Proper lighting in key areas such as stairwells and parking lots also increases the level of safety and security for any facility.

Resound Energy Services™ is a National Provider for supporting every aspect of your LED Retrofit Projects. With over 15 years of experience and 2,500 projects completed, Resound Energy Services™ has set the bar for how to manage LED Lighting Retrofit projects effectively and efficiently from design to delivery. Our turnkey approach means no heavy lifting for your staff. We manage everything from audit to financial analysis, through rebate procurement, permitting, implementation, and warranty management. Resound Energy Services™ has secured over $15m in Utility Rebates for our customers and saved over $30m in energy & maintenance.

Please contact me if you feel I can assist you with your LED Lighting Projects.

Len Raleigh – Director of National Accounts at Resound Energy Services™ –

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