LED Lighting

LED Lighting Seattle

The Revolution is Under Way

The past quarter century has seen technology advance at a rate unprecedented in human history. Technological advancements have changed the way we live, work, and look at the world.

LED lighting is one of those advancements, one every bit as transformative as the Internet. Bold claim? Yes, but true! Every man-made light source on the planet will eventually be an LED. This technology is, literally, changing the way the world works and the way it looks.

Resound is in the vanguard of this technological revolution, using LED solutions, with our own unique approach, to change the lighting industry and, more importantly, to solve clients’ needs and generate unparalleled facility investments.

The Old Way

Older lighting technologies—incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, high pressure sodium, and metal halide—were largely implemented on a business model of plug in and replace, plug in and replace, plug in and replace. Their use involves high maintenance and recycling costs and expensive, difficult-to-maintain ballasts. Many were filled with mercury, which made them harmful when broken, expensive to recycle, and prone to burning hotter rather than bright.

Most importantly, these old technologies burned a lot of energy. And energy isn’t cheap.

These old technologies tended to work better for the companies that installed, re-filled, and repaired them than they did for the owners and managers of the facilities in which they were installed.

The New Way

LED solutions, the lighting of the future, are brighter than the old way, literally and figuratively. LED fixtures’ light distribution is directional and focused. It lights what you want lit and doesn’t waste light on what you don’t. And, current models are available with an almost endless variety of colors and brightness, technology having moved well beyond the sometimes harsh, blueish glare of initial lamps.

Current models use less energy, as much as 75-80% less, than the lamps they replace, and, because they last 5, 7, or even 10 years, require far less maintenance. So, gone are the old maintenance and replacement fees, the high recycling costs, and the large ballasts, all needed with the old technologies. LED technology does not use mercury—or any harmful materials—and therefore does not pose a health risk to customers, tenants, or employees.

Recent advances in reliability further enhance the cost-effectiveness of current model LED.

Every light source in every retail space, office building, warehouse, industrial space, and multifamily property is an ideal candidate for the reduced energy and maintenance costs of LEDs. And, when done right, the LED will generate a higher quality and infinitely better controlled light.

The Resound Way

At Resound, we’re taking the LED revolution further, by the way we do business. The old model—install lights, take money, move on, letting the client change the bulbs and deal with the maintenance, recycling, and other hassles—is not who we are or what we do.

We are not installers, we are contracting consultants, trusted advisors. We design LED solutions based specifically on your business needs—and only after a free walk-through of your facility and free consultation with you on your needs, customers, budget, and other factors. This design process—along with the implementation which follows—is completely transparent, customized to each application, and developed around the unique financial and lighting goals of the customer. We are not affiliated with, or beholden to, any particular brand of lighting; we will use the best solution for your business.

Utility Rebates

Utility rebates—which can be up to or over 70% of installation costs—help make LEDs cost-effective for every business. Resound, the most experienced firm in the Northwest in dealing with local utilities, will make sure you get the best possible rebate. Learn More.

Warranty Management

We augment the 3 to 10 year manufacturers’ warranties on the products we use, with our own 10-year service warranty. That’s right. 10 years. Literally 10 times the industry standard. You may never change another light. Learn More.